Python client for the INCEpTION annotation tool.

At the moment, it serves as an API wrapper, supporting the AERO format INCEpTION serves.


Pycaprio is hosted in PyPi and can be installed via pip:

pip install pycaprio

Basic usage

First, you must instantiate a pycaprio client:

from pycaprio import Pycaprio
client = Pycaprio("", authentication=("remote-user", "password"))

# List projects
projects = client.api.projects()

# Export all projects in XMI format
from pycaprio.mappings import InceptionFormat
for project in projects:
    zip_content = client.api.export_project(project, format=InceptionFormat.XMI)
    with open(f"{project.project_name}.zip", 'wb') as zip_file: